Mar 30, 2017Bishop Kemper School Offers Resources and Prepares Deacons for Ministry

Bishop Kemper School Offers Resources and Prepares Deacons for Ministry

The Bishop Kemper School for Ministry (BKSM) offers a two-year program of study for future deacons. This coursework covers scripture, ethics, history, preaching and a wide array of practical ministry topics. Students typically take 10 classes a year for two years, from August-May. Prospective and new students are also encouraged to attend New Student Orientation in July. Detailed information is available on BKSM’s Certificate of Diaconal Studies web page.

On Saturday, June 24, BKSM invites current deacons, prospective deacons and all those in the church who are supportive of diaconal ministry to attend an exciting exploration of the call of deacons today. This one-day workshop, Transforming Church and World: The Ministry of Deacons Today and Tomorrow, features four helpful sessions:

  1. The Deacon’s Job Description;
  2. The Deacon’s Life;
  3. Collegiality with Your Priest; and
  4. The Prophetic Voice of the Deacon.

BKSM will present information about its Certificate in Diaconal Studies as well. The fee for this day-long workshop is $50 per person, which includes meals. The registration deadline is Friday, June 16. You can find the workshop agenda and register on the BKSM website.


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