Oct 01, 2017Area Confirmations – Trinity Episcopal Church, Lebanon

Area Confirmations – Trinity Episcopal Church, Lebanon

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Bishop Marty with the confirmed and received at Trinity Episcopal Church, Lebanon, Missouri. Image credit: Gary Allman

On Saturday May 20, nine people were confirmed and two people were received into The Episcopal Church.

Confirmed: Christian Caulk, Stephanie Hasty, Deborah Kenady, Levi Kenady, Willetta Mount, Daniel Mueller, Rachel Mueller, Hunter Polen, Arica Shirley.

Received: Richard Mount, Mary Shelton

Gary Allman is Communications Director with The Diocese of West Missouri.

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  1. I look back at this and remember good times. I miss the people of Trinity. They know how to make people feel better. No matter how hard things got at home with my dad they where always there

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