Mar 01, 2019Lent, Worship in the Real World, Service in Africa, PSAs and News…

Lent, Worship in the Real World, Service in Africa, PSAs and News…

There’s a lot to read in this issue. Lent and rules of life, taking advantage of everyday situations for worship, some Public Service Announcements, working with the Peace Corps in Africa, and we have new clergy to introduce too.

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Sleeping Alleluias – Seen at Church of the Good Shepherd, Kansas City, Missouri. Image credit: Gary Allman

Welcome to the first issue of Spirit in 2019.

Lent, the period when we let sleeping alleluias lie. It’s a well known phenomena that as you age time appears to pass as an ever increasing pace. And here we are in Lent again. It’s a point that Bishop Marty alludes to at the start of his Keeping Watch article, Lent and The Way of Love. He goes on to encourage us to take a close look at the ‘Rule of Life’ proposed by our Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry in ‘The Way of Life’.

I’ve found the concept of a Rule of Life to be a huge help, but something that I let lapse all too frequently. So maybe it’s just as well that Lent and my annual review of such things appears to come around more quickly each year.


Carolyn Thompson returns with a fourth article on her experiences of Worshiping with other faiths. This time there’s a slightly different spin on things, as she talks about the opportunities to worship out in the everyday world. See Worship Opportunities Are All Around Us.

The first draft of this editorial grew into a major Public Service Announcement. In a fit of ‘editor’s remorse’, I changed the text into a full feature article – Unknowing Victims. Read it and find out about my first hand experience with internet crime, and then help me raise awareness of it.

Speaking of Public Service Announcements, the Rev. Jerry Kolbe sent me an interesting note that he’d shared with the retired clergy. It was well worth sharing with a wider audience, so check out Preparing for the Inevitable.

Julia Tayor is also featured again, this time writing about her 2016 – 2017 service with the Peace Corps in Uganda – A Year in Africa – Preparations & Orientation. We are serializing her African exploits in Spirit.


In the news section we introduce the recently ordained Jeff Stevenson, and welcome Mother Terry Deokaran, installed as rector at All Saints’ West Plains, in February. We’ve also included some pictures taken at the recent (March 2) Bishop’s Days workshops held at Grace and Holy Trinity cathedral, Kansas City, Missouri.


Finally I’m going to use my editor’s privilege (there aren’t many I can assure you), to further promote an event that is very dear to my heart, and that’s the Stop Human Trafficking & Abuse Event being held at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Kansas City on March 30. Come and join us.

Gary Allman was the Communications Director with The Diocese of West Missouri from March 2014 through June 2023.

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