Jun 06, 2019Nominations are now being accepted

Nominations are now being accepted

Diocesan Staff One-minute read.   Resources

Have you considered volunteering your time and talents to serving the church in diocesan leadership (elected and/or appointed) and wondered what would be expected of you? How much time is involved?  Descriptions of all opportunities are available online.

The forms titled Clergy Nomination Form and Lay Nomination Form are used to nominate someone (or yourself) for Diocesan Council, the Standing Committee and/or General Convention Deputy.  Please use one form per nomination.  Please also submit a photograph of the nominee.

For all other nominations, please use the form titled “Opportunities to Serve 2019”.  Positions on Bishop Kemper School for Ministry, Examining Chaplains, Commission on Ministry and the Disciplinary Boards are elected during Convention from those expressing interest via this form.  All other positions are appointments made from those expressing an interest to serve.  Please mark all the areas you have an interest in serving.

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