Sep 16, 2019Deadline for the Submission of Resolutions to Convention is September 27

Deadline for the Submission of Resolutions to Convention is September 27

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Resolutions for the upcoming Diocesan Convention should be submitted before the deadline of Friday, September 27, 2019. A sample resolution and instructions for submission are available on the Diocesan Convention 2019 website.

All resolutions received prior to the deadline will be processed by the Convention Committees assigned by Bishop Marty – either the Resolutions Committee or the Constitution and Canons Committee.  Meetings will be held prior to the convention so that the committees may review the resolutions and prepare their recommendations to the convention.

The Rules of Order Governing The Conduct of Business at Meetings of the Convention of The Diocese of West Missouri as Amended by the 128th Diocesan Convention (as found on page 33 of the Constitution and Canons) provides:

Business before the Convention

  1. No resolution shall be considered as before the House unless it has been submitted in writing (including electronic submission in a manner approved by the Bishop and the Secretary) and been received by the Bishop and Secretary four weeks before the opening of Convention to allow distribution to all delegates and introduction by title at  Convention.
  2. Any resolution which has not been presented to the Bishop and to the Secretary four weeks prior to the convention date will not be considered as before the House unless copies of such resolution are made available to every delegate and, at Convention, two-thirds of said delegates agree to consider such resolution.


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