Nov 08, 20192019 Convention Round-up

2019 Convention Round-up

A quick summary of the key items from the 2019 Diocesan Convention business session.

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Voting at the 130th Annual Convention of The Diocese of West Missouri. Image credit: Gary Allman


With excellent timing Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral’s sound system failed immediately following the convention Eucharist. After initial attempts to carry on with business using a small portable public address system, Convention adjourned for an early lunch and proceedings recommenced in the cathedral’s Founders’ Hall.

We are pleased to report that an engineer arrived on site later in the day and was able to repair the sound system ready for the Sunday services.

Reports & Presentations


Diocesan Council

Lay Members Appointed

Clergy members Appointed

Note, all council members were elected by acclamation.

Standing Committee

Lay Members Elected by Convention

Clergy Members Elected by Convention

General Convention Deputies

Lay Deputies Elected by Convention

Clergy Deputies Elected by Convention


Note: Copies of the resolutions as approved by the Convention will be made available in due course.

Gary Allman is Communications Director with The Diocese of West Missouri.

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