Dec 18, 2019Official unveiling of Good Samaritan Sculpture at Saint Luke's Marion Bloch Neuro Science Building

Official unveiling of Good Samaritan Sculpture at Saint Luke's Marion Bloch Neuro Science Building

On December 18, 2019, Bishop Marty, the Rev. Susan Roberts, the Rev. Jerry Kolb, Chief Executive Officer Jani Johnson, hospital leaders, and others were thrilled to welcome a sculpture of the Good Samaritan to its permanent home at Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City.

The Rev. Susan Roberts and the Rev. Jerry Kolb Two-minute read.  Resources
The Good Samaritan – Saint Luke’s Hospital, Kansas City. Image Credit: The Rt. Rev. Martin S. Field

This story began Twenty years ago when Saint Luke’s was expanding. It had started to grow from a single flagship hospital to a thriving health system.

Saint Luke’s Health is a faith-based institution, rooted in its historical connection to the Episcopal Church and The Diocese of West Missouri. Being faith-based is a vital part of the identity of Saint Luke’s Health. Recognizing that, the Rev. Jerry Kolb, the longtime Director of Spiritual Wellness, created a plan for each of the system’s hospitals to have a physical symbol representing their faith-based foundation. Each honoring their longstanding commitment to their mission of serving our community. Saint Luke’s North was the first to become part of Saint Luke’s Health System. There, they have a tapestry weaving together several meaningful religious symbols.

Saint Luke’s South Hospital was built next, and as the plans came together, Jerry asked a young artist to create a piece with the Good Samaritan theme that would be placed in the entryway at South.

Jerry chose the Good Samaritan because of the parable’s theme of compassion and mercy, qualities that are well known throughout the entire Saint Luke’s organization.

The artist, Tom Laisure, brought the idea of a sculpture to life, and we signed a Commission agreement in May 1998.

Unfortunately, it turned out the flooring at the entrance of Saint Luke’s South wasn’t sufficient to hold the weight of such a sculpture. For a long time, there wasn’t a perfect place to display this beautiful and symbolic work of art.

Until now …

As plans developed for the remodeling of the Saint Luke’s Marion Bloch Neuroscience Institute building,  they knew that they would finally be able to build a permanent place for their ‘Good Samaritan.’ A pedestal was specially created with the underpinning and structure needed to support the sculpture’s weight.

Saint Luke’s CEO Jani Johnson. Image credit: Dean Shepard

Chief Executive Officer Jani Johnson said, “I’m thrilled today for all of us to be here to celebrate this moment and welcome our beautiful Good Samaritan sculpture to its home. Here, this sculpture will help us celebrate our 137 years of living our mission- and inspire us going forward to serve all who come to us with mercy and compassion.”

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