May 13, 2020Pentecost Ideas – virtual and otherwise!

Pentecost Ideas – virtual and otherwise!

Kim Snodgrass One-minute read.   Resources

…just imagine the chaotic, whirlwind, crazy kind of day with wind, fire, thousands of people, and unfamiliar sounds when Jesus called the Spirit of Truth to come alongside his followers, as helper, advocate, and guide.

Whether your congregation is able to meet in person or not, you can use creative ways to call attention to the Spirit that is within us today – ‘the alongside one’ – that comforts, empowers and helps us live in the way of Jesus.

Check out ways to do this together…

  • Share this beautiful artistic video rendering of Pentecost. It’s by a group of artists called A Sanctified Art and I immediately went to their website to learn more about them. This team of four artists in ministry, work collaboratively to bring scripture and theological themes to life through film, visual art, curriculum, coloring pages, liturgy, graphic designs, and more. This really is a unique resource worth exploring.
  • Pentecost in a Box is oriented for faith-at-home formation. it uses simple objects to illuminate the story of Pentecost and seek to deepen our understanding of the Holy Spirit. Gathered in a box (or, if mailing, an envelope), families may enjoy these activities in one sitting or at their own pace. This BuildingFaith resource has quite a bit of additional information about Pentecost including symbols, digging deeper into scripture, and multiple ways to reflect, celebrate, and pray.

Kim Snodgrass is Assistant to the Bishop for Christian Formation.

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