Jul 22, 2020Book of Common Prayer Treasure Hunt – Fun & Formation In One

Book of Common Prayer Treasure Hunt – Fun & Formation In One

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Over the past few months I suspect many of us are rediscovering the beauty found in the Book of Common Prayer; how it unites us in faith, practice and doctrine. If you have found yourself surprised to discover something you never knew existed, you are not alone. When this happens it usually proves to be the head of a trail that leads to explore, grow and deepen an understanding of faith and how the Episcopal Church lives that out.

Several years ago Amanda from Trinity, Lebanon, created a Book of Common Prayer Treasure Hunt for a youth event. It was so well received and enjoyed by all ages that it should be shared and now seems like a perfect time. Take your time and have fun. Answer questions by noting a page number from the BCP or use good old deductive reasoning. We are all sure to learn something or at least be reminded of something elemental to the faith. And just in case you need it, click here for the answer sheet.

You might also be interested in exploring another BCP resource – The Book of Common Prayer (BCP): A Rookie Anglican Guide to the Prayer Book. FYI, Anglicans are Christians who are members of churches that trace their history back to the Church of England. This includes the Episcopal Church in the United States. All Episcopalians are Anglicans, but not all Anglicans are Episcopalians.

Kim Snodgrass is Assistant to the Bishop for Christian Formation.

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