Jul 05, 2020Join the Episcopal Youth Community in West Missouri and slow down this weekend, July 10-12

Join the Episcopal Youth Community in West Missouri and slow down this weekend, July 10-12

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Have you ever seen someone run, skateboard, ski, or do something else too fast, and then forget to slow down before it was too late? Maybe it’s happened to you!

Even in the midst of a pandemic where we are physically distancing, life can be busy. There is Zoom call after Zoom call, chores, maybe a job, friendships, family, and so many other things that keep you busy throughout your day. This weekend is designed to help you to slow down your life and listen to God.

There are many instances where Jesus showed us what it’s like to slow down and hear from God. Jesus was able to do life while also having healthy relationships with those around Him and with God. He always took the time to show love to others, even when He was busy doing other things or on His way to do something. 

As followers of Christ, we’re told, “Spend quiet time with God,” but what does that mean? And how does it work practically when we have 10 million other things demanding our attention every day? Our biggest priority, the one on the top, should be God. Spending time with God shouldn’t be the last thing we remember to do. But it happens, doesn’t it? Taking time to slow down and be with God isn’t about just a weekend or a time slot on your calendar. Rather, it’s about keeping God on the front of your mind throughout the day. 

Each day, you’ll find an experiential activity that will help you slow down your life, and put God first. That means you’ll need to do something, physically, to slow down your life during the day—not just read about it. These activities are going to get you outside of your comfort zone, but they’re totally worth it! We invite you to share pictures, thoughts, and responses to the questions on our social media, @WEMOYouth, throughout the weekend. 

Josh Trader is the Assitant to the Bishop for Youth Ministry Development for The Diocese of West Missouri and a member of St. James Episcopal Church, Springfield.

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