Jul 24, 2020MissionPalooza @Home Day 5 Civic Engagement Day

MissionPalooza @Home Day 5 Civic Engagement Day

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Today is the 5th and final day of MissionPalooza @Home. Thank you to all that have taken time out of your week to participate. Remember the smallest acts can have the biggest impact. I hope you have had fun this week collecting items or making stuff for donations. Our theme for today is a new one for MissionPalooza, Civic Engagement. We have three focuses for today, knowing your officials, writing about a cause you believe in, and registering to vote(if you are of age). More details and links to these three topics are below. Take a few moments to watch the videos created for today by Siras Keyes(a youth member of Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, Youth Ministry Commission Member and Member of the MissionPalooza Design Team) and Amanda Perschall(a member of Trinity Episcopal in Lebanon and Adult Volunteer in the WEMO Youth Community).

  1. Know your public officials. Can you name your local, state, and national officials? Remember that soooo much of what impacts your daily life is decided locally.  
    1. In Missouri: Use this website to put in your address and find out your officials.
    2. In Kansas: Use this website to put in your address and find out your officials. 
  1. Write an email about a cause you believe in.  Check out this google doc for help brainstorming and writing.  Officials keep tabs on how many people contact them and what they think. 
  1. Get registered to vote.  If you’re not old enough, ask your parents and friends if they’re registered.  
    1. Missouri Secretary of State’s website.
    2. Kansas Secretary of State’s website.
    3. A website with lots of good info about Missouri elections and what’s on the ballot.
    4. A website with lots of good info about Kansas elections and what’s on the ballot.

If you have items to donate that you have either made or collected we have 4 locations and time throughout the diocese. If one of these options does not work for you please contact Josh Trader, WEMOYouth@diowestmo.org to make alternative arrangements. Meredith will be at the following locations; St. Paul’s KCMO Friday from 5-7 pm, Church of the Good Shepherd Saturday from 9-11 am, and St. Peter and All Saints Saturday from 3-5 pm. Josh will be at St. James in Springfield on Tuesday from 11 am-1 pm. 

Join me in the WEMO Youth Community Zoom Room, link at www.WEMOYouth.com, every day this week at 9:30 am and 4 pm to check-in and chat about our experiences. 

Watch social media all week for updates and other information about the outreach projects for the week. Please share pictures, videos, and thoughts on social media. Feel free to tag @WEMOYouth and use the hashtags #WEMOYouth #dwmo #MissionPalooza.

Josh Trader is the Assitant to the Bishop for Youth Ministry Development for The Diocese of West Missouri and a member of St. James Episcopal Church, Springfield.

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