Aug 05, 2020Going beyond coping, parenting with mindfulness

Going beyond coping, parenting with mindfulness

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Parents, grandparents, caregivers – grab a donut, coffee, and slippers and join us in an online Parenting With Mindfulness Workshop on Saturday, September 12. This workshop, the first of a new series of Wellness Gatherings, will provide practical information to take parenting beyond coping and lead to understanding.

How we were formed in our early years directly influences how we parent our own children and grandchildren — for better or for worse.

Before becoming parents and grandparents we were children.  For the first 20 years or so of our lives, we lived our own developmental lifespan.  Influenced primarily by our parents & grandparents, we managed a series of milestones and negotiated innumerable experiences that cultivated our social and emotional sense of self as well as our understanding of our place in the world.  We transition into adulthood with a range of enthusiasms and apprehensions, confidences and self-doubts. How we were formed in our early years directly influences how we parent our own children and grandchildren — for better or for worse.  Parenting with mindfulness enables us to become aware of our own “core self-concept”  and helps us to see how our own patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior mold our children’s core self-concepts as they themselves transition into adulthood and become parents themselves.  

We also believe children come into this world with an innate capacity for awareness of the sacredness of life, relationships, and the world. As parents, grandparents and caregivers we can nurture this spirituality by giving those in our care the language of faith, through stories, the experience of sacred space, participation in the liturgy, and the invitation to wonder, question, play and create as they explore a relationship with God and God’s people. As we are nurturing them, they, in turn, call us to look at our experience of faith with wonder, playfulness, trust, and authenticity, and in so doing, the whole family of God is enriched.

The timing couldn’t be better to hear from two experienced professionals in the field of counseling and the spirituality of young people that keeps in mind the well-being of everyone. During the Parenting With Mindfulness Facebook Live Webinar, you will be able to ask presenters questions and discover ways to develop a mindful approach that is intentional, healing and foundational. No registration is necessary, just add Parenting With Mindfulness to your calendar and plan to join!

The Parenting With Mindfulness Wellness Gathering follows with an offer to join a small group to find ongoing support; a way to continue developing tools, action steps, feedback and encouragement.

This is the first offering in a planned series of Wellness Gatherings – to relax and learn a little something. Future topics include Self-Care and Prayer, Creating Sacred Space at Home, Ethics: Theology for Everyday; Stewardship: Taking Care of More Than Money; and Practicing Forgiveness. If another wellness topic comes to mind please offer your suggestion to Kim at

For up to the minute information about the event, including links to the online video (and recordings afterward). Visit the event webpage.

Parenting With Mindfulness is offered at no cost to participants, but you are welcome to make a contribution towards scholarships for future presentations.

Kim Snodgrass is Assistant to the Bishop for Christian Formation.

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