Aug 04, 2020How to view Sunday School (formation) through a new lens

How to view Sunday School (formation) through a new lens

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Why not view everyday of the week as an opportunity for liturgy, service, education, and fellowship?

How Sunday School (formation) will happen in your congregation this coming year is very much a local decision, but as we settle into our ‘new normal’ let’s embrace the opportunity of seeing formation through a new lens. Why not view every day of the week as an opportunity for liturgy, service, education, and fellowship?

Take a strategic approach, make plans that build bridges between leadership, programs, and people.  Jesus was clear about his vision, values, and mission. Strategic planning helps lay the foundations for years to come.

Determine your core values. These are the navigating principles, or fundamental beliefs, that reflect the interests, needs, and passions of the entire congregation.

What are your three most important objectives? Try these suggestions on to see if any fit: experiential, relationship focused, Bible literacy, topic reflection and discussion. Determining your objectives helps determine material selected to help guide the way.

What kinds of formational experiences have lasting impact? Survey even a small group and it’s soon clear one size doesn’t fit all. It takes effort, but multiple approaches might be your ticket. If small groups work for 75% of a congregation, put a lot of eggs in that basket, but remember there are those who find meaningful experience through home study.

What have you learned over the past few months on how to best provide formational experiences and material to your congregation? What engaging options have you found for those weary of looking at a screen? What material is adaptable for home use by an individual or family together?

The list of curriculum and resource is endless. Taking time to determine what you want to happen is invaluable.

As you wade through the waters, here are two favorite “go to” resources for adults and children!

Kim Snodgrass is Assistant to the Bishop for Christian Formation.

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