Sep 16, 2020It’s never too late to do “Sunday School”

It’s never too late to do “Sunday School”

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Long, long ago, when we could pack people in a room…

Sunday School — in whatever form it takes — is a triad of fellowship, education, and be an incubator of faith. I see it taking on new and exciting dimensions, a place of learning, and shared wisdom, but unfortunately, many of us don’t avail ourselves of all it can offer.

What holds us back?

My congregation doesn’t have anything in place

This is a legit problem, but there is always a work around. If you are interested, I bet others will be, too. Does it matter if that’s just one other person? No. Empower yourself as a baptized person to start something with the help of others. You don’t need an expert, you need a facilitator. Lay the groundwork by talking to your clergy person if possible, I can practically guarantee most would be so very excited. Talk to others in your congregation. Consider whether your interest is the Spirit moving you to action.

My congregation has something in place, but I don’t participate because of the leadership

Yikes, that’s a pickle. What are your objections? Have you spoken to a clergy person about them? or the leadership involved?

My congregation has something in place but I don’t participate because of the curriculum or format

Fair enough, the choice of both these can affect your level of interest. Have you expressed your thoughts to the facilitator? They can’t change what they don’t know. Or, if you aren’t “getting something” from what is offered, would you be willing to facilitate another option? If so, talk to others – not to make a fuss about what is, but seeing if there is an interest in something else.

My congregation has something in place but I don’t participate because of the location

That’s reasonable. If for whatever reason you cannot attend online and that is the only option, there is always self-directed study. This is also something you can do with at least one other person – over the phone. Is it the same as being in person? No, but it does offer the trifecta of fellowship, education, and nurtures faith.

Why not give Sunday School another chance?

Whatever has held you back, I urge you to give Sunday School a(nother) try – in whatever form(s) it takes. Explore alternatives before giving up on the idea. One would be to participate in the brand new rolling-out-September 16 — This Is NOT Sunday School offered by Forma and Church Next. I was very happy to see this Episcopal Church-wide weekly collaborative effort being made available.

The Spirit works through Sunday School. The span of time, education and collective wisdom forms us as disciples and nurtures our faith. I would love for you to contact me if you need help thinking through ideas and sifting through resources.

Kim Snodgrass is Assistant to the Bishop for Christian Formation.

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