Nov 24, 2020Lay Licensed Ministry Licences Expiring in 2021

Lay Licensed Ministry Licences Expiring in 2021

Every year, some lay licenses expire on March 1st. In 2021, Catechist and Preacher licenses will all expire on March 1st. Anyone holding those licenses will need to submit a renewal application any time after January 1st.

Application forms for new licenses or the renewal of licenses may be downloaded from the diocesan administration website. There you will find diocesan policies, guidelines, and requirements for all seven licenses, and the associated application forms. All applications require the approval of the Rector/Priest-in-charge and the Vestry or Bishop’s Committee. Some applications also require the endorsement of an instructor or mentor, and some require a background check and/or completion of Safeguarding courses.

Please read all of the requirements for a licensed ministry carefully before submitting an application.

While licensed ministries always expire on March 1st of a specific year, members can submit an application for a new license at any time. The seven licensed lay ministries and their expiration years are as follows:

March 2021

  • Catechist
  • Preacher

March 2022

  • Eucharistic Minister
  • Eucharistic Visitor
  • Evangelist

March 2023

  • Pastoral Leader
  • Worship Leader

The Bishop Kemper School for Ministry has curricula for four of the licensed ministries: Catechist, Preacher, Evangelist, and Pastoral Leader. You can learn more about these curricula from the BKSM website. Note that while any member can take a course at BKSM, either for credit or auditing, to be enrolled in a licensed ministry curriculum requires the consent of the member’s Rector or Priest-in-charge.

For additional information or questions concerning lay licensed ministries, please contact The Rev. Dr. Bill Fasel, Assistant to the Bishop for Leadership Development. His email address is

The Rev. Dr. Bill Fasel serves on the board at Bishop Kempler School of Ministry, is Assistant to the Bishop for Leadership Development, in which role he serves as bishop’s liaison to the Commission on Ministry.

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