Jan 25, 2021A Jar of Blessings

A Jar of Blessings

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Is it ever too late (or too soon) to incorporate a good idea?

At the start of 2020, Rev. Natasha Stewart introduced a Blessing Jar to her family. The concept was simple. Once a week at dinner, they would write down one thing they were grateful for and put it in the jar. Thinking ahead, Rev. Stewart thought they would have fun reading them on New Year’s Eve and remembering all the good things that had happened. Little did she know a pandemic would make 2020 an excellent year to start this tradition. It became a weekly reminder that God was still with them even on the toughest weeks, and there were things to be grateful for, even if they were small.

This past New Year’s Eve, we created a time capsule with our grandsons, and had I knew about this earlier in the year, all those wonderful blessings would have been revisited and added. Since it’s never too late to start something good, perhaps this can be a new 2021 tradition in your home, too. What a Blessing Jar looks like is entirely up to you, and it might fit right into the Sacred Space you have created within your home. You can find more about creating your own Sacred Space by going to Everything Holy.

Kim Snodgrass is Assistant to the Bishop for Christian Formation.

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