Jan 05, 2021Epiphany; truth becomes clear

Epiphany; truth becomes clear

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When things suddenly become “clear” – or a truth is recognized – you see the world through different eyes. When a three-year-old learns to turn on a light switch, they don’t forget about it; it becomes a catalyst that turns thoughts into action. Things are never the same because you know you can flip the switch!  It is an epiphany, a flash of insight, a revelation – and an aha moment.

The Season of Epiphany celebrates four different events: the visitation of the Wise Men or Magi, the Baptism of the Lord, Christ’s first miracle, the changing of water into wine at the wedding in Cana, and the Presentation of Christ as the Son of God at the Transfiguration. Each is a revelation of God to man: At the visitation of the Magi, Christ’s divinity is revealed to the Gentiles — the other nations of the earth; at Christ’s Baptism, the Holy Spirit descends and the voice of God the Father is heard, declaring that Jesus is His Son; at the wedding in Cana, the miracle reveals Christ’s divinity; and at the Transfiguration, the voice of God the Father is heard again, echoing the baptism, and is marked as the point where human nature truly meets God.

Epiphanies happen anytime and to anyone. In our spiritual life epiphanies are holy moments (revelations) that affect our character and leave us looking around for more.  Abraham had his. Moses and Paul had theirs and Mary Magdalene had hers. God stopped each of them in their tracks to experience an “aha” moment.

An awakening of any kind, spiritual or physical, requires staying alert; being aware. Maybe it will come as you visit with a friend, read a book, watch a movie, talk a walk, or listen to the wind … any moment can lead to a deeper awareness of God. We’re all on a journey, and epiphanies help us keep moving, growing, learning, adapting; but we have to be ready to be amazed by God.

A young man experiences a life-changing epiphany and is amazed by the transformative power of God in this 20-minute video The Butterfly Circus.

After watching it, take another moment to ask –

  • When have you had something in your life that seemed to be unbeatable? How were you able to overcome it?
  • Think about how life would be without arms or legs. How would you look at life? How would you rise to life’s constant challenges?
  • Who does the Circus Master represent?

Kim Snodgrass is Assistant to the Bishop for Christian Formation.

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