Jan 07, 2021Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

All the following events will be held online.

February 25 & 27 2021

Church Leadership Essentials

Essential information for new vestry members and other church staff and leadership. The session will include introductions and explanations as to what the diocesan staff members can and do to support the efforts of the Episcopal Churches of West Missouri, their clergy and lay leadership.

March 20th, 2021

Diocesan-wide Conversation

A Diocesan-wide Conversation on what is needed in a time of major change/transition, fear, anxiety, and how that impacts us as individuals, clergy, lay Leadership, and ultimately, our local communities of Faith.

Time and details to be announced

March 31st, 2021

A Renewal of Baptismal and Ordination Vows

Join together as laity, clergy, and bishops as an Ecumenical statement of collegiality along with brother and sister lay members, clergy, and bishops of the diocese’s of West Missouri, Missouri, Kansas, West Kansas, and the ELCA Central States Synod.

Time and details to be announced.

The Rev. Dr. Canon Steven R. Rottgers is Canon to the Ordinary with The Diocese of West Missouri.

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