Feb 17, 2021Everything Holy Update

Everything Holy Update

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The response to the Everything Holy project has blown past all expectations! If you are already participating, thank you for your support, not to mention the encouragement and excitement this brings to the creative team.

Below is a quick summary for households unfamiliar with this project.

Everything Holy developed from the belief that everyday life experience provides us with ample opportunity to transform seemingly mundane moments – like grocery shopping, studying, gardening, or working  –  into something more. Everything Holy invites God into experiences, and those experiences become holy moments. With the understanding that this is nothing short of a lifelong process, an Everything Holy monthly offering has been created to reach out to West Missouri households of all shapes and sizes in a tangible, experiential way. Each month households receive a packet containing unique elements of formation — liturgy, service, education, and fellowship — woven together through a subtle theme and multiple learning styles in mind. Additional tangible supplies will often be included that tie it all together. Monthly Digital links from the homepage connect households to a Godly Play retelling of a Biblical story, cooking in West Missouri recipes, music, stories, and poetry that connect with the monthly theme.

Everyone is encouraged to Opt-in by the 15th of each month to receive a Welcome Box

Everyone is encouraged to Opt-in by the 15th of each month to receive a Welcome Box through the mail containing materials to create Sacred Space at home along with your first month’s packet. To make Christian formation a priority, this offering is currently supported by the diocese at no cost to those attending churches in West Missouri. You can also Join the Everything Holy Facebook group.

For more information on Everything Holy, to volunteer or offer suggestions, please contact Kim at formation@diowestmo.org or Josh at wemoyouth@diowestmo.org.

Kim Snodgrass is Assistant to the Bishop for Christian Formation.

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