Feb 11, 2021The Way of the Wilderness: The Path to Wellness and Joy

The Way of the Wilderness: The Path to Wellness and Joy

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Ready your heart, mind, and soul for Lent. A time-sensitive opportunity to join an interactive workshop on practical and transformative spiritual practices to experience the fullness of Lent.

Second Breath is hosting this workshop. Pulling from some of the most powerful teachings across a wide range of disciplines, Second Breath offers a variety of additional workshops that center on a life-changing learning experience. For Second Breath, everything hinges on, as instructor Rev. Greg Farrand says, “making the coins drop” — moving from a mere intellectual understanding of God, faith, and love to actually experiencing them. The best method they know for making the coins drop is spiritual practice, which creates space for a shift to occur, from fear to love, from braced to open, from anxious to trusting. The name Second Breath describes this shift. Often with our first breath, we automatically react to a situation. The second breath provides an opportunity to pause, reflect, connect, and respond. It is the gateway into the present moment where we connect with God and our true selves to live the free and full life that God intended for us.

The 40 days of Lent workshop represents the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness after his baptism. Throughout the Bible, the wilderness is where we find both the presence of God and the wild things. In the wilderness, Jesus encountered the devil and was ministered to by angels. Oftentimes we spend our lives trying to avoid the uncomfortableness of the wilderness, but it is only in walking the Way of the Wilderness that we authentically experience the transformative presence of God and discover a fully expressed life. In this interactive workshop, through teaching, spiritual practice, and conversation, you will be given a map and compass to walk the Way of the Wilderness throughout the season of Lent. 

The Rev. Greg Farrand is facilitating the workshop. Cost: $40.00

Kim Snodgrass is Assistant to the Bishop for Christian Formation.

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