Mar 12, 2021Generous donation helps maintain and grow the Everything Holy project

Generous donation helps maintain and grow the Everything Holy project

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On behalf of our diocese, many thanks to a generous donor to the Everything Holy project!

Everything Holy seeks to transform everyday life experience into something more. Inviting God into our experiences is formational and moments can become holy. With the understanding that this is nothing short of a lifelong process, a monthly offering began in January to reach out to West Missouri households of all shapes and sizes in a tangible, experiential way. This grant helps make that possible.

Each month participants receive a packet containing unique elements of formation – liturgy, service, education, and fellowship – woven together through a subtle theme and keeping multiple learning styles in mind. Additional tangible supplies will often be included that tie it all together. You can learn more here and opt-in anytime throughout the year.

In order to make formation a priority this offering is currently supported by the diocese at no cost to those attending churches in West Missouri. With that in mind, it makes this grant that much more appreciated!

Kim Snodgrass is Assistant to the Bishop for Christian Formation.

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