Mar 18, 2021Lectors, prayer leaders and choristers needed for the Easter Vigil service

Lectors, prayer leaders and choristers needed for the Easter Vigil service

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All congregations are invited to join the diocese’s online Easter Vigil, and so are individuals! We will stream the service from Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral starting at 7 p.m. on the evening of Saturday, April 3, Bishop Marty and Dean Andy will be the principal officiants, but to aid our contemplation of the Paschal Mystery, a variety of voices from around the diocese will share key readings from the treasure trove of scriptures. The service will conclude with the First Holy Eucharist of Easter.

Which means we need people (lectors, prayer leaders, choristers), willing to record material for the service.

While we would encourage the churches who plan to join with us for the online Easter Vigil to put forward people, we welcome applications from anyone with the necessary experience.

If your church plans to join us online or if you want to volunteer as an online lector, prayer leader, or chorister and you have not yet contacted Emily Davenport –, please do so no later than Wednesday, March 24.

Those taking part remotely must be able to submit recordings of their contributions no later than Tuesday March 30. We will be contacting all the volunteers with details of the readings, prayers, psalms or hymns they have been assigned on March 25.

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  1. While I don’t dispute both s Bishop Marty and Dean Andy possess “principles,” in this case I believe they are the principals.

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