Apr 11, 2021Plant your own Good News Garden, and garden for Jesus and the community

Plant your own Good News Garden, and garden for Jesus and the community

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The Good News Gardens Movement joins Jesus and his way of love. Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Curry describes Good News Gardens as “A way of planting seeds for a new heaven and a new earth,” in this video invitation to join with others in this transformational agrarian ministry that feeds body, mind, and spirit.

Good News Gardens is a church-wide movement of individuals, congregations, and others involved in a variety of food and creation care ministries – gardening, farming, beekeeping, composting, gleaning, feeding, and food justice advocacy. Collectively good news gardeners share their abundance, their prayers, and the Way of Love in their communities and beyond.  

Many West Missouri individuals and congregations are already planting! If you’re not already part of the movement, this is how you can join.

  1. Plant: Commit to planting more than you would under average circumstances in order to share the bounty. This may mean you plant one window box of herbs when you have never planted any, or you add an extra row to your garden or an extra hen to your flock.
  2. Pray: Commit to praying daily for our church and our world to form loving, liberating, life-giving relationships with all of Creation through the better use of our land – personally and communally. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we will be sending a monthly email with scripture, prayer, and practical resources.
  3. Proclaim: Commit to proclaiming the love of God through word and example by sharing your Good News Garden commitment, status, and story via social media channels, and personal testimonies (A great place to begin is by joining the Agrarian Ministries Group on Facebook). Click here to download a folder of shareable images and files, including postcards and yard signs. 

There are benefits to joining! To help you on your journey you will receive support in the following ways:

  • Monthly newsletters that will include: 
    • Wisdom from leaders in Episcopal Agrarian, Evangelism, Creation Care, and Justice ministries.
    • Practical links on growing and sharing the bounty
    • Way of Love in the Garden Bible Study
    • Prayers for Growers
    • Additional videos, podcasts, and other helpful resource links.
  • Community Support via the Agrarian Ministries of the Episcopal Church Facebook Group
  • Good News Garden Webinars and Open Office Hours from Creation Care and Evangelism

Kim Snodgrass is Assistant to the Bishop for Christian Formation.

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