Jul 01, 2021At the Table: Gathering Community

At the Table: Gathering Community

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Imagine how good it feels to be at a table that is warm and welcoming. That is the kind of table At the Table hopes to create in your home or within your congregation sometime soon.  

Each of the five sessions gathers small groups of people around a table as God’s family to hear stories in which Jesus breaks bread with others. This is time to enjoy conversation, listen, create sacred space with story-supporting objects, interact around activities and collect your thoughts.

At the Table is intentionally uncomplicated, knowing that when Jesus gathered people around a common table, interesting conversations and profound teaching took place.

At the Table is easily adaptable for use at home or in a congregation. Use it five days in a row, over the course of a month, or as a day retreat. At the Table sessions can include meals or not and is flexible within a 60-90 minute time frame. What appeals to us most in this program is the emphasis on conversation; an opportunity to learn and grow from the collective wisdom found around a table. To that end, use what is helpful.

At the Table is brought to you by The Diocese of West Missouri in the hopes it will enrich relationships through conversation, blessing families and congregations within our diocese, and nurturing the Kingdom of God. We also would like to thank Grace & Holy Trinity Cathedral, for printing the booklet.

Everything that At the Table coordinators and facilitators need is available on the At the Table webpage, including a reference guide for coordinators and tips for facilitators.  We encourage you to take your time reading through the material. The simplicity of each session will hopefully make preparations very manageable, but please call 816-471-6161 Ext 109 or email Kim at formation@diowestmo.org if you need any assistance. We’d love to help! 

Kim Snodgrass is Assistant to the Bishop for Christian Formation.

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