Aug 12, 2021Have you thought about trying a prayer app?

Have you thought about trying a prayer app?

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“ is one convenient way to pray; nothing more, and nothing less.” says its founder, the Rev. Greg Johnston. He created it in the hope it would become an elegant and flexible way to structure a life of prayer.

With many apps now available, it’s easy to have a pocket full of daily prayers at your disposal

The Rev. Greg says, “To the extent that this app is useful, it’s only because it stands on the proverbial shoulders of giants. I learned to pray using the classic Daily Office sites from The Mission of St. Clare and from Derek Olsen’s Haligweorc, now St. Bede’s Breviary. All my work is deeply indebted to and inspired by these two sources, and especially to the fantastic” The app is free to use on a smartphone or computer and offers a variety of uses. This app is sponsored by Forward Movement and the content is controlled by Greg Johnston.

With many apps now available, it’s easy to have a pocket full of daily prayers at your disposal. There are additional apps you might like to explore –

  • PrayerMate, is interactive, simple to use, and helps you pray consistently for the people and causes you care about. Develop a discipline of prayer as PrayerMate helps you organize your prayer life, know what to pray for, and actually pray.
  • 3-Minute Retreat is an app that also offers a browser version. Created by Jesuit ministry Loyola Press, it offers a new “retreat” every day and has a more contemplative side. The purpose, according to the Loyola Press website, is to “take a short prayer break right at your computer” and “spend some quiet time reflecting on a Scripture passage.”
  • Some apps attempt to integrate prayer into the routines of daily life, like Prayers on the Move, (POTM). An initiative of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK), the app is intended as “outreach to open-minded people, of all faiths and none, who are seeking to connect with the spiritual in their own lives.” The app has 31 prayers—one for each day of the month—that can be read or listened to as an audio file. Only available on a smart phone.
  • provides daily devotions written by ministers, professors, students, teachers, missionaries, denominational leaders, and others who work with and care for students. Typically, an author writes on a single theme for one week. In these devotions, you will read honest struggles and questions, all in the context of real faith.
  • The Jesuit Ministries’ app Pray As You Go is more involved, with a daily audio prayer session designed to be listened to while commuting, traveling or getting ready in the morning. Sessions run 10 to 13 minutes and include music that spans from litanies and chamber music to songs by Ladysmith Black Mambazo, alongside Scripture and questions for reflection.

Kim Snodgrass is Assistant to the Bishop for Christian Formation.

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