Feb 03, 2022Reredos candles looking for a new home

Reredos candles looking for a new home

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St. Stephen’s, Monett recently purchased new Reredos Candles (six) from funds donated in memorial of Debbie Salyer, a lifelong member of St. Stephen’s who died in early September 2021 after battling Alzheimer’s for 3 ½ years.

St. Stephen’s does not want to sell the candles but would like to find a new church home for them. The six candles are some forty years old and in good working order. The total height of the candles is 23.75” (base and oil-filled candle), comprised of a 9″ base and 14.75” candle.  The diameter of the base is 5” and the diameter of the top tier of the base is 4”. 

Can you help? If so, please contact the Bishop’s Warden, Leigh Salyer, on (417) 850-9199 (Cell), or via email at:  lsalyer@mchsi.com.

Leigh Salyer is Bishop’s Warden at St. Stephen’s, Monett.

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