May 31, 2022Remembering and Celebrating in May

Remembering and Celebrating in May

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Remembering everyday saints that transform our life. Image: Pixabay.

Everyday saints are all around us, those (un)conventional people whose light burns bright, and each is worth celebrating. The May Everything Holy issue highlighted a creative and enthusiastic author and speaker, Joyce Rupps, whose work contains concrete spiritual practices and thoughtful exercises that help others to find God’s presence in daily life. It’s especially appropriate during the month in which Memorial Day falls to keep in our hearts and minds her meditation from Out of the Ordinary, which encourage us to –

  • Remember the ones who lived and loved deeply, who found the source of their inner strength from you, the Divine Beloved.
  • Remember the light-filled ones, who enkindled our spirits with their teachings and the spark of their beliefs
  • remember the risk-takers, who faced their fears and took action, who sought justice even though they had to pay a price for it.
  • Remember the vulnerable ones who allowed us to care for them, to be with them in their time of need
  • Remember the faith-filled ones who brought us to the Holy One, who led us, by their words and example, into deeper relationship with God.
  • Remember the brave ones who walked through their struggles with hope, who taught us how to trust and have confidence during our times of sorrow and difficulty.
  • Remember the great lovers of life, whose humor and enthusiasm lifted our spirits and brought us joy.
  • Remember the nurturers, who birthed us physically or spiritually, who gave us sustenance by their caring presence.

Each month the Everything Holy project highlights everyday saints, living and departed, who transform(ed) the world.

Who are the ones in your everyday life? Learn more about the project and explore other May digital links by clicking here.

Kim Snodgrass is Assistant to the Bishop for Christian Formation.

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