Jul 13, 2022Love’s Redeeming Work: Discovering the Anglican Tradition — September 22-23

Love’s Redeeming Work: Discovering the Anglican Tradition — September 22-23

When: September 22-23
Where: Oklahoma City (All Souls’ Episcopal Church)
For: Episcopal leaders, Seminarians, Young leaders, Anglican/Episcopal leaders-in-formation

What is Anglican Christianity? Where did it come from, and what should we hope for its future? This conference will take up these questions in order to inspire a new generation of Anglican Christians seeking faithfulness and holiness within the wider Church Catholic.

This September 22-23 in Oklahoma City (All Souls’ Episcopal Church): Love’s Redeeming Work: Discovering the Anglican Tradition. The conference is hosted by the Living Church Institute and designed for those who could benefit from — or simply enjoy — continuing formation in ecclesiology, history, theology, beauty, and moral life in the Anglican tradition. Student/seminarian tickets start at just $25.

Full information, including the speaker schedule, is available here: loves-redeeming-work.eventbrite.com

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