Aug 12, 2022We need you!

We need you!

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The Diocese of West Missouri Wants You!  No, not to join a war effort or to buy government bonds, but to discern your involvement at a wider level.  We, the members of our various churches, are all part of the diocese.  We as a diocese only function through the help and efforts of our various members.  It takes the time and talents of so many people.

It has personally been one of the best parts of my own spiritual journey to work with amazing members of our diocese in a variety of capacities.  I have learned more about the diocese and myself as I see the work of so many producing amazing results.

At the annual diocesan convention in November, we will elect lay and clergy members of the Standing Committee, Diocesan Council, and General Convention Deputation.  There’s also a variety of other groups looking for more members; these can be found on the Opportunities to Serve page.

All nominations are due by September 15.  Please prayerfully consider where you might be called to serve and fill out a nomination form today!

Amanda Perschall attends Trinity Episcopal Church in Lebanon. She is a lay licensed Eucharistic Minister, serves on the Diocesan Council, is a member of Youth Ministry Commission, Nominations Committee, and was a lay deputy at the 2022 General Convention of The Episcopal Church. Amanda teaches high school government.

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