Sep 15, 2022133rd Annual Convention Registration

133rd Annual Convention Registration


When: Friday, November 4 – Saturday, November 5, 2022
Where: Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kansas City and Online
For: Convention delegates and Visitors

Registration Information was issued by email to all clergy and lay annual convention delegates on file, Thursday, September 7, 2022.

 Important! Individual Registration is Required: All delegates and visitors must register individually. Do not rely on your church’s leadership registering for you. You must register yourself

In-person attendance: All attendees must show proof of vaccination (including boosters, if eligible) to be maskless indoors. Otherwise, masks are required indoors. 

Online delegates:  Please attend online if you are not fully vaccinated, immunocompromised, or uncomfortable attending in person. We will ensure that you have everything you need to participate successfully, including online training held in advance. A Help desk will also be operational during the annual convention to assist you.  

Guests and visitors: This year’s convention will be open to guests and visitors. Nonetheless, we recommend that those who are not delegates watch from the comfort of their own homes.  Registration is not required to watch online. 

Annual Convention Agenda

Registration Deadline is October 7, 2022 

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