Jan 17, 2023Budget Process 2024 – Ponder anew what the Almighty can do…

Budget Process 2024 – Ponder anew what the Almighty can do…

The 2024 Special Budget Committee sent the following email to leaders of diocesan ministries and members of the Diocese, asking them join in the process of preparing the 2024 budget. All members of the diocese are invited to take part in this important step in setting out the future of The Diocese of West Missouri.

Sunday, January 15, 2023

From: 2024 Special Budget Committee
Subject: Budget Process 2024 – Ponder anew what the Almighty can do…

Response Due by February 1, 2023

Dear Friends in Christ,

We are following up on our December 28, 2022, email to each person on all diocesan mailing lists, inviting YOUR dreams and ideas for the future ministries of this diocese. Our goal in this invitation is to incorporate voices from all around the diocese as we discern together where the Spirit is leading us. All members of the diocese are encouraged to submit proposals for new or expanded ministries – either individually or, ideally, as a group.

At yesterday’s Diocesan Council meeting, these new mission and vision statements were adopted, revised in response to feedback gathered at our 2022 Diocesan Convention:

Mission: As the Body of Christ, we seek, serve, and save the lost by proclaiming the Good News, forming disciples, serving others, and striving for justice

Vision: God’s just and peaceful beloved community built on our shared love of God and one another

Now, our work begins to build a budget based on these new mission and vision statements for our 2024 budgeting cycle and beyond.

In building the budget from the ground up, we are asking both leaders of current ministries and those with fresh ideas for ministry in our diocese to propose or endorse diocesan ministries by responding to these prompts using the 2024 Budget Proposal Form link found at this bottom of this letter:

  1. For current ministries: What has your ministry done in the past? What are you doing now? If you were to reinvent yourself or this ministry, what would you do differently or add now?
  2. For current and new ideas: If money were no object, what would your biggest dream for ministry in this diocese be?
  3. Justify your ministry against the mission & vision statements adopted by Diocesan Council on January 14.
  4. Provide a draft budget – in as much detail as possible – including such items as materials, human resources, travel, memberships/dues, registration fees, and other operating expenses.
  5. List any outside funding sources available to support your ministry.
  6. What does success look like? How would you measure this success? Can it be quantified?

FEBRUARY 1, 2023

As we noted in our December 28 letter, now is the time we ask you to gather in your churches, deaneries, and across the diocese to begin praying together, asking God to reveal what ministry might look like in The Diocese of West Missouri in the future. The process of building a new budget is a huge undertaking for the entire diocese and everyone’s voice is important – from the very beginning through the budget’s completion. It is our intention to disseminate drafts and request feedback through the deaneries frequently as we build this new budget together.

Your diocesan staff and leadership are here to help you in any way we can. Please contact any of the persons below to assist in answering questions you may have in preparing your 2024 budget proposal.

For reference, the 2023 Plan for Ministry (diocesan budget) can be found below.

After February 1, all responses submitted via the link below will be reviewed by the 2024 Special Budget Committee. This committee, which consists of 19 members from around the diocese with a variety of financial strengths, will begin drafting a budget to present to your Diocesan Council. Throughout the year, Council will request feedback as a final 2024 budget is incrementally prepared for consideration at our Diocesan Convention on November 10-11, 2023.

Thank you for prayerfully joining in this budgetary work of responding to God’s call for the mission and ministry of our diocese. As the old hymn goes, “Ponder anew what the Almighty can do…”

In Christ,
The 2024 Special Budget Committee


Members of the 2024 Special Budget Committee

The Right Rev. Diane M. Jardine Bruce
Amy S. Amason
Steve Brotherton
The Rev. George Cleaves
Elaine Gilligan (Diocesan HR-Finance Assistant)
James Grimm
The Very Rev. Canon Robin L. James
Tom Kokjer (Diocesan Treasurer)
Tom Lanio
Amanda Perschall
The Very Rev. Isaac Petty
The Rev. Joe Pierjok
David Pierson
Laura Rankin
The Rev. Galen Snodgrass (VP of Diocesan Council)
The Rev. John Spicer (President of Standing Committee)
Ric Sweeting
Cyndi Troyer
Ron Weil (Diocesan Finance Administrator)

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