Jan 26, 2023Kurt Knecht and Forrest Pierce in Dialogue

Kurt Knecht and Forrest Pierce in Dialogue

When: Thursday, February 9, 2023, at 7 p.m.
Where: St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Kansas City.

On Thursday, February 9, at 7p.m., St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Kansas City will host Forrest Pierce and Kurt Knecht, St. Paul’s organist, in Dialogue.

The event will feature an exchange of ideas about Islamic and Christian mysticism with a special focus on daily practices. The dialogue will be both verbal and musical. Forrest and Kurt have each written new music for the event that will be performed by soprano Sarah Tannehill Anderson. Forrest Farhad Pierce teaches composition at the University of Kansas and is a practicing Sufi. Kurt Knecht is an organist and composer with a long-time interest in Christian mysticism and contemplative practices. All are welcome!

More information is available on St. Paul’s Facebook Page.

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