Mar 16, 2023Childhood spirituality matters: a Godly Play opportunity in our backyard this summer

Childhood spirituality matters: a Godly Play opportunity in our backyard this summer

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What church would not want to provide opportunities for children to explore the mystery of God’s presence in their lives? The Diocese of West Missouri believes the Godly Play curriculum practices are what you may be looking for.

In fact, we believe so strongly in the God Play model for children’s formation that the diocesan office of Spiritual Formation is offering to cover the cost of attending ($475) the International Godly Play Conference and Core Training that will be offered in tandem this summer in Kansas City, June 14 – 17.

And in addition, because materials used in Godly Play are an expensive investment, the office will do its best to set your church up for success by helping purchase manipulatives you’ll need – a win-win opportunity for West Missouri churches.

Please Note

Core Training space is limited to 15 participants. To take advantage of an opportunity to attend both the conference and receive core training in our own backyard you must register early. Please contact Kim with the Spiritual Formation office by April 1 for more details and assistance with registration.

If you are entirely new to Godly Play – but this offer intrigues you – someone has generously offered to bring an in-person presentation to you. Reach out to Kim at the Spiritual Formation office to find out more.

Kim Snodgrass is Assistant to the Bishop for Christian Formation.

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