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On larger displays, desktops, laptops, and bigger notepad devices, the menu is on the left. If you open the Spirit website on a mobile device or smaller window, the menu is hidden to leave more room for you to read the articles. Scroll up to the top of the page and click on the menu icon at the top right. To close the menu, either select a menu option or scroll to the top of the page and click on the ‘x’ symbol again, at the top right.

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Menu Options

Option Description
Home This is an experimental feature. Unlike the printed version of Spirit, we can add content at anytime, and we can also categorize and provide links to any content we’ve already published online. This page is our first attempt at giving you access to new articles as they are written, and allowing you to check out previous articles based on their topics. We’ve also added a feed from two of the diocesan social media accounts.

Explore this feature and give us feedback.

There is a link at the top of the page to the most recent full issue of Spirit.

Contents This option provides a link to the contents page of the most recent whole issue of Spirit.
Spirit – {date} The most recent issue of spirit in one long page ready for you to read or print.
About Spirit Who edits it, who helps select the articles, who to contact with your questions, and links for you to submit your own articles and pictures to be published in future issues of Spirit.
Church Directory A complete list of all the churches in the diocese, plus links for the key ministries.
Help This page!
Spirit Back Issues Here you’ll find links to all the issues of Spirit we’ve published. You’ll find links to the online Spirit issues here. Follow the links to read and print back-copies of Spirit. The achive includes all the print versions we’ve produced. These are in ‘pdf’ format, you will need a pdf reader installed on your device to be able to read these.
Topics We are categorizing the content of the online Spirit into several major categories so that you can see everything that’s been written about the topic. The topics will, no doubt, change over time, we’ve tried to anticipate the major areas of interest. Unfortunately, this facility will only work with articles that have been published in the Spirit online. To begin with, not all topics will have content, and the content available will be quite sparse — but over time this will build into a useful resource.


Click or tap on any picture and it will show a bigger version (if one is available), and start a slideshow of all the pictures in the current article. You can start, stop, or move between the images using the on-screen controls.

Article Headers

Article Header – Desktop

The header of each article contains the following:

  • A brief summary of the article.

  • A link to a brief bio of the author and a list of any other Spirit articles they have written.

  • An indication of the maximum time we anticipate it will take an average reader to read the complete article. This should help you decide if you have time to read an article if your time is limited.

  • A link to a Resources Section – only articles that have links to online resources will include this. It’s a place where we gather all the relevant links for an article together.

The idea is to save you having to re-read an entire article if you are coming back just to find a link.

Article Header – Mobile


There are several different types of links in the online version of Spirit.

Article Titles — When more than one article is shown you can click/tap on the article’s title to display just that one article.

Internal Links — These are links to other article or places of interest inside Spirit.

Internal links look like this:

an account of Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s recent Revival in Pittsburgh

External Links — These will take you away from the Spirit website to another website, often to places where we have no control of the content that will be delivered. Please note we can take no responsibility for the content provided by websites we do not control. Over time the content that was originally available at any given link may be removed or changed. Typically external links will open a new tab or new browser window (that behavior depends on how you have your web browser setup).

External Links look like this:

Article and Picture submission

End of the Article / Resources Section

End of Article / Resources Section

The end of the article will include a link to the issue’s contents page, links to enable you to share the article on social media, and links to the author’s bio, and all the articles available covering similar topics.

Only articles that have links to online resources will have a ‘Resources’ title. Here is a place where we gather all the relevant links for an article together.

This will save you having to re-read an entire article if you are coming back just to find a link.

Submitting News, Articles and Pictures

Submit your articles and pictures via this upload facility. Please submit your article in plain text or as a Microsoft Word document. Please do not include pictures in your Article text, but submit them separately as jpg files in the highest resolution you have.

Article and Picture submission


In future, we hope to add a print option to the menu. For the moment please use your web browser’s print facility to print your copy of Spirit. How this works varies from browser to browser, we recommend that you search to find the necessary instructions for your specific browser.

To print an entire issue — click/tap on the ‘Spirit – {date}’ entry in the menu, or the ‘Spirit Back Issues’ list, and select the issue you want to print. Use your browser’s print facility to print the entire issue.

To print an article (Online Spirit only) — visit the contents page of the Spirit issue the article is in, and click on the article heading or the ‘Read More’ link. That will load the individual article and you can print it. Or, you can search for the article using the search feature, and then click/tap the article’s header to display just that article and then print it.

Printing an Article

Problems and Questions

Got a question that’s not answered above? If it’s about the content of an article the best thing to do is leave a comment on the article itself – scroll to the bottom of the article and click on ‘Leave a Comment’

Other questions?

Email us:

Call us: (816) 471-6161 Ext 16.

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