Amanda Perschall

Amanda Perschall attends Trinity Episcopal Church in Lebanon. She is a lay licensed Eucharistic Minister, serves on the Diocesan Council, is a member of Youth Ministry Commission, Nominations Committee, and was a lay deputy at the 2022 General Convention of The Episcopal Church. Amanda teaches high school government.

Young Adult Civil Rights Pilgrimage

One-minute read. Are you a young adult between the ages of 25 & 40? Do you enjoy travel? Do you enjoy learning? Do you enjoy volunteer work? Are you looking to deepen your spiritual connections through prayer and worship? Are you looking to help build the community of young adults in the diocese?  Would you like to join an incredible adventure? Opportunity to express an interest extended until until January 15, 2023.

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Calling for volunteers!

One-minute read. The diocese is currently looking for both lay and clergy people to serve in a variety of roles.  We need nominations to be elected to both the Diocesan Council and the Standing Committee.  We also need nominations to serve in several other capacities.

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