Gary Allman

Photograph of Gary Allman - Communications Director with The Diocese of West Missouri

Gary Allman is Communications Director with The Diocese of West Missouri.

I’m here to tell the people of West Missouri what you are doing, and help you do the same within your local community.

Send me your news, details of your events, and bring me your questions. We can talk about your website, social media, livestreaming, promotions, marketing, and church administration tools too!

Awakening the Spirit – Springfield

Two-minute read (Unless you watch the video). On Sunday May 7, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry joined the Diocese of West Missouri at Hammons Field Springfield in the second half of the second of five planned evangelism events to be held during 2017.

The Episcopal Church: Presiding Bishop Michael Curry preaching at Hammons Field, Springfield. Sunday May 7, 2017.

Special Convention

Five-minute read. On Saturday June 3, 2017, The Diocese of West Missouri held a Special Convention to discuss and approve the remainder of the 2017 Plan for Ministry (budget). 

Summer Church Summit

Five-minute read. The Summer Church Summit was held at Calvary Episcopal Church, Sedalia on August 26. Around 60 people from churches around the diocese attended the event.  

Human Trafficking Workshop

Five-minute read. On Saturday September 16, St. John’s Springfield hosted a Human Trafficking Workshop for men. 

Mike McDonnell presents details of the breadth of the human trafficking problem.

Evangelism Doesn’t Have To be Hard

Five-minute read. Recently I’ve been given some examples and simple tips on how to be an Episcopal Evangelist. 

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