Kim Snodgrass

Kim Snodgrass is Assistant to the Bishop for Christian Formation.

How the Episcopal Church works to shape public policy

Two-Minute read. As followers of Jesus, God forms us as we engage in civic responsibilities. The Office of Government Relations (OGR) represents the policy priorities of The Episcopal Church to the U.S. government in Washington, D.C. Find out more about the work of The Office of Government Relations.

Strengthening your compassion

One-Minute read. Is compassion a rare attribute nowadays? I can’t answer that, but it is worth asking myself if I think, speak and act in a way that reflects this core Christian value.

Becoming Anti-Racist

One-Minute read. If you have also found yourself at an intersection – of faith and a commitment to becoming anti-racist – these past few weeks, this chart may inspire you to explore, grow and deepen that very personal journey.

Labyrinths close to home

Three-Minute read. Several congregations in our diocese have chosen to create a labyrinth on their grounds. Open to the community around them they are a wonderful way to spread peace and encourage contemplation. Check out six close to home!

Sign Up For Backyard VBS!

July 13 at 7 p.m. Summer is a great time to explore God’s Wondrous Creation. Sign up to join a diocesan-wide Backyard VBS!

Art As Meditation

One-Minute read. Can we paint our way to peace and awareness? Maybe so, because it’s not about skill or a frameable finished product. It’s all about the process.

Be the change you wish to see in the world

One-minute read. If you’ve been spending the last week wondering how to be a positive force working towards a world where pain and suffering isn’t caused by a fellow human there are answers.

Personal Prayer

Two-Minute read.
We get to know someone better by talking and listening to each other, building a relationship. We call this time together by different names when comes to friends, but with God, we call it prayer.

Building a balanced spiritual life

One-Minute read.
It’s very easy to go through life without thinking much at all about spiritual matters, but Christianity calls us to think about who God is, and who we are. This is a religion of transformation.

Ordinary time is anything but

One-Minute read.
I love how the liturgical year is put together to include time for the ordinary. Stretching from now until November we can make it extraordinarily ordinary.

Honoring Pentecost at Home

One-Minute read and one-minute video. Honoring Pentecost in your household helps focus on the gift and the work of the Holy Spirit, which fills us at all times and in all places.

Backyard Vacation Bible School!

One-Minute read. Even in a COVID-19 world we can creatively bring children (and families) from all over the diocese together. Let’s do Backyard VBS!

Recognize graduates, teachers, and end of the year programs

One-Minute read.
The traditions and rituals of spring will be different this year in new and creative ways. Here are some ideas on how to recognize and celebrate graduates, teachers and end of year programs in meaningful and memorable ways – even in the midst of a pandemic!

Pentecost Ideas – virtual and otherwise!

One-Minute read. Whether your congregation is able to meet in person or not, you can use creative ways to call attention to the Spirit that is with us today – ‘the alongside one’ – that comforts, empowers and helps us live in the Way of Jesus.

Reflections On “Social Distancing”

One-minute read. Episcopalians in West Missouri come to understand “social distancing” in relation to faith and the way we live our lives.

Imagine something new this summer!

Two-minute read. This will be a summer to “imagine new alternatives”. You are all invited and encouraged to take time now to look ahead and re-plan your summer programs. Don’t remove annual events from the calendar without first considering if they can be done with a new twist!

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