Margie Gray

Margie Gray retired in 2000 from the Missouri Department of Corrections as a Probation and Parole Officer and lives in John Knox Village with her dog, Jax. Margie attends St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, Lee’s Summit, and is currently working on a teen novel and picture books.

General Convention in Baltimore – Meet West Missouri’s Deputies

Five-minute read. Starting Friday, July 8, running through the weekend and closing on Monday, July 11, the 80th General Convention of The Episcopal Church will convene in Baltimore, Maryland. West Missouri has 10 Deputies attending. Find out who they are and find out more about the 80th General Convention.

Doing your bit for Saving God’s Creation — Some practical tips on dealing with young wild animals

Four-minute read. Part of our responsibility to take care of creation is to make sure we know how to handle things when our lives intersect with the wild critters. You need to know what, if anything you should do to protect them and yourself. Especially when children, dogs, and cats often present families with an unplanned wild animal “gift” that must be dealt with.

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