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Give us all the details and we will be happy to help you promote any events of general interest to West Missouri’s Episcopalians. Events will be listed in our Events List and in the News Update which is emailed out to all the churches and other subscribers twice monthly.

Got questions? Contact, or call (816) 471-6161 Ext. 108.

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The nitty-gritty details

As a general guideline, we will publish any event of interest to more than one church. We do not publish details of regular services, please do that on your own church websites, your Episcopal Asset Map entry, and your social media. We will publish as a news article information about the first in a new series of services being held by a church. For example, if you are launching a new series of Evensong services.

We also occasionally select events for special treatment as ‘Featured Events‘ for those we need a longer description and images we can use online.

News Update is emailed out twice a month on the first and third Thursday of each month.


We will add your events to our Event List when we receive them, if you want to be sure that your event will be featured in the next News Update you need to get the details to us no later than the first working day of the first and third week of the month.


Please note that if necessary we will edit any supplied text for style, length etc., though we do try to use a very light touch. 

Images/text supplied may also appear in the New Spirit website, the diocesan website, Facebook page, and photo galleries (Flickr). Read our image release and other licensing information.


While we try our utmost to include content in a timely manner, this cannot always be guaranteed. Finally, submission is not a guarantee of inclusion – though it is very unlikely that we will not use supplied material.

Page Updates

  • September 2020 — Page text reviewed and updated, and the page moved to the New Spirit website.
  • September 2019 — Updated to reflect the switch over to News Update.

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