Christian Formation

Christian Formation expands our minds, shapes our hearts, and builds God’s kingdom. The Christian Formation Office is here to provide the support you need for Children, Youth, Young Adults, Adults, and Generations in community together.

There are lots of Christian Formation resources available on our website, why not check them out?

If you have questions contact Kim Snodgrass, Assistant to the Bishop for Christian Formation.

Preparing to become the Beloved Community

One-Minute read. Advent is a season of preparation. Find printer-friendly online resources and alternative activities to grow loving, liberating, life-giving relationships.

Advent Walk

Five-Minute read. Why not create an Advent walk in your church’s grounds? Create posters for the five stops and invite people to visit your Advent Walk. However, it doesn’t need to be organized, an Advent Walk can begin anywhere outside. The purpose is to offer you moments of stillness, reverence, contemplation and beauty.

Everything Holy

Three-Minute read. Beginning in January a special monthly formation package will reach out in a tangible, friendly, and fun way to West Missouri households of all shapes, sizes, and ages. We feel that this is such an important project that the monthly packages will be provided at no cost to the participants.

15 Thanksgiving Prayers and Table Graces

One-Minute read. Offering a blessing before meals or on special occasions is a good thing. One of these 15 Thanksgiving prayers and table graces might bring something extra special to the table this year.

More Advent and Christmas Resources!

One-Minute read. Sometimes it seems there are more wonderful Advent and Christmas resources than stars in the sky so the list below is pared down to just a few favorites. Links to these free resources are yours for the clicking.

Advent and Christmas Resources

One-Minute read. Advent is right around the corner. Many of you are already working on Advent boxes or care packages for households. If you’re just getting started, we can offer a few tips and suggestions.

Never lose hope.

One-Minute read. Find inspiration, hope and formation for Election Day.

With Malice Toward None

One-Minute read. With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation’s do all which may achieve and cherish a just and a lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations. Read more about the With Malice Toward None initiative.


three-Minute read. Sometimes fear seems to hang in the very air we breathe. Whether as an emotional response to danger or an experience of awe, fear is formational.

Live into a new way of thinking

One-minute read. “We do not think ourselves into new ways of living, we live ourselves into new ways of thinking.” Richard Rohr and more about the process of formation.

Friluftsliv – free air life

One-Minute read. Embrace friluftsliv! It’s a fun word and once you get the pronunciation down friluftslive practically flies off the tongue.

Let’s get planting!

Two-minute read. The 130th Diocesan Convention made it our goal is to see at least five hundred trees planted within the boundaries of West Missouri before by November 2020. September and October are a great time to plant!

Parenting: You got the guidebook, right?

One-minute read. Oh wait, you didn’t get a parenting guidebook either when you brought that little one home? It sure would have been useful, Whether you are a parent-to-be, have a full house or find yourself being a hands-on grandparent, choose to spend Saturday, September 12th in good company – Parenting With Mindfulness workshop

This is NOT Sunday School: A Weekly Christian Learning Opportunity

Two-minute read. Something new and exciting is here. Check out “This is NOT Sunday School: A Weekly Christian Learning Opportunity” – a true collaborative Episcopal Church effort for all ages that is especially welcome as we navigate these remarkable times.

Your Daily Life Is Your Temple: Continued

Three-minute read. This time we are looking at Chapter Three – Work: The Fabric of the World. Find out what work has to do with spirituality.

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