New Spirit Update, November 24, 2022

In this issue, Be SMART for the holidays, Bishop Diane’s sermon at the convention Holy Eucharist, lots of announcements and upcoming events.

Direct communication builds trust and strengthens relationships

Two-minute read. During Diocesan Convention it was my pleasure as Vice President of Diocesan Council to share the hard work that’s been done throughout the past eleven months toward rebuilding trust, improving communication, and adopting a solid plan for ministry driven by mission and vision. Read on to find out more.

Church Financial Audit Policy Reminder

In an effort to comply with the Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church, Bishop Bruce is instructing all churches to complete audits of their finances annually. In addition, the bishop is instructing all churches to submit a copy of the completed audit by August 1 each year, ahead of the September 1 deadline.

New Spirit Update, November 10, 2022

In this issue, a roundup of the 133rd Annual Convention, photos of the ordination of Collin Larimore, Be SMART – gun safety and children, Advent is coming, and much more.

On the Cusp of Advent

Two-minute read. On the cusp of Advent, Ordinary Time winds to a close. What has Ordinary Time held for you?

A round-up of West Missouri’s 133rd Annual Convention

Two-minute read. On November 4 and 5, 2022, the 133rd Annual Convention of The Diocese of West Missouri was held at Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kansas City, Missouri. This was the diocese’s first convention since the election of Bishop Diane as the diocese’s Bishop Provisional in 2021.

Honorary Canons and Bishop’s Shield recipients

Two-minute read. At the 133rd Annual Convention of The Diocese of West Missouri, the Rt. Rev. Diane M. Jardine Bruce, bishop provisional of West Missouri, announced three honorary canons of Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, and six Bishop’s Shield recipients.

Diakoneo Magazine November, 2022

15-minute read. The latest issue of Diakoneo, the magazine for deacons is available to read online.

New Spirit Update, October 21, 2022

In this Issue: Annual Convention update including convention training, resolutions, nominations, schedule, plus the presiding bishop nominating committee releases a churchwide survey, and lots more!

Annual Convention Update

Two-minute read. The 133rd Annual Convention of The Diocese of West Missouri is now two weeks away. And there are lots of things going on, read on to find out about training sessions, convention documents, and the schedule.

Ordination of Krista Heuett to the Sacred Order of Priests

One-minute read. On Thursday, October 13, 2022, Deacon Krista Heuett, was ordained into the Sacred Order of Priests in an ordination service held at All Saints Episcopal Church in Lansing, Michigan.

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