Dec 01, 2017Contents — December 2017

Contents — December 2017

Spirit Volume 9, Issue 3.

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Editor’s Letter

What Happens At Convention Doesn't Have To Stay At Convention

Five-minute read. Why you should read about the diocesan convention and take an active role in the decision-making process.  Read More 

Keeping Watch

Called In. Sent Out.

Eight-minute read. Bishop Marty sets out his vision for the work of the diocese over the next year — Building a Community of Purpose.    Read More 


An Advent Meditation

Five-minute read. What is the meaning of Advent?  Read More 

Convention Digest

Eight-minute read. A digest of events that took place and the official actions of the 2017 diocesan convention.  Read More 

Work Group Reports — Finance Team

One-minute read (unless you follow the links and study the budget!) A report on the work of the Finance Team.  Read More 

Work Group Reports — Goals Team

Five-minute read. A report from the Diocesan Council Goals Team. Read More 

Work Group Reports — Metrics Team

Five-minute read. The Metrics Team spotlights how Episcopal churches are changing and being challenged in West Missouri, and looks at how we can measure performance against our goals.  Read More 

Work Group Reports — Tools Team

Five-minute read. Our goal is to give people the feeling that we are one “parish of the whole” by expanding our interests, experiences, information, and Christian formation to lead us to increased interaction within the diocese. Read More 

Reflections on the Diocesan Convention

Five-minute read. A story of the mixed emotions encountered during the diocesan convention.  Read More 

Book Review: “Do This, Remembering Me”

One-minute read. This is a great book and every clergy person should read, mark and inwardly digest the wisdom that Colette Bachand-Wood has so succinctly shared with her readers.  Read More 


St. Michael's Episcopal Church, Independence — 50th Anniversary

One-minute read. It was a grand day. We invited folks from far and wide — really anyone who had ever been touched by the life, history, and ministry of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church ...   Read More 

St. Augustine's 135th Anniversary (1882-2017)

Five-minute read. On October 22, 2016, Edward L. Warner 3rd Rector of Saint Augustine’s Church spoke at the 135th anniversary of the church. The program included liturgical dancers and Choristers from the William Baker Festival Singers. Read More 

Lake of the Ozarks Stop Human Trafficking Coalition Makes Plans to Begin a Safe House

Five-minute read. The Lake of the Ozarks Stop Human Trafficking Coalition is now ready to pursue the second part of the dream they had at their founding: that of developing a safe house for women who have been trafficked.  Read More 

Area Confirmations at St. John's, Springfield

One-minute read. At an Area Confirmation service held in October members of St. John's and Christ Episcopal Church, Springfield were confirmed. Read More 

Area Confirmations at St. Mary's, Kansas City

One-minute read. At an Area Confirmation service held in November members of St. Mary's, Kansas City; Church of the Resurrection, Blue Springs; Church of the Good Shepherd, Kansas City and Trinity, Independence took part. Read More 

Ordinations at the Diocesan Convention Eucharist

Ten-minute read. On the Evening of December 3, 2017, during the diocesan convention Eucharist service, Fr. Jonathan Callison was received into the Episcopal Church, and Larry Ehren and Kary (Karen) Mann were ordained into the diaconate. Read More 

Diocesan Youth Gathering and the 2017 Bishop's Ball

Five-minute read. What does the birth of Jesus mean to you? What was it like to be a disciple? How can we relate Jesus’ miracles to life today? What was it like to be there when Jesus was nailed to the cross? This year youth and volunteers sought to answer some of these questions at the Diocesan Youth Gathering. Read More 

Bishop's Shield Recipient - Duchess Wall

Five-minute read. Each year a special award is given to volunteers from around our diocese who have contributed significant and sustained leadership for which they were not compensated. Read about this year's recipient ... Read More 

Installation of Fr. Jos Tharakan at St. James', Springfield

Five-minute read. Pictures of Fr. Jos' Installation, and he's written about himself, so that you can read about St. James' new rector. Read More 

Installation of Fr. Jim Lile at All saints', Nevada

One-minute read. Pictures of Fr. Jim's Installation at All Saints' Nevada. Read More 


Bishop Spencer Place

Bishop Spencer Place, an exceptional place in the heart of it all.  Read More 


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