“Growing Problems” for All Saints in West Plains

After an eight-month Covid shutdown, the wooden pews at All Saints Episcopal Church in West Plains remained mostly empty through many ensuing months of Sunday services. Some Sunday mornings, four parishioners attended. Other times, the congregation surged to 10. These days, All Saints has a different problem. Too few pews.

The Rev. Brad Karelius Presents: The Desert Mystics

From August 11 – 13, the Rev. Brad Karelius introduced the ‘Desert Mystics’; pioneers who shared their experiences living in the desert and showing us how the desert community can transorm lives.

How to Welcome College Students into our Parishes

With fall just around the corner, students are gearing up to head to college. This gives parishes an opportunity to connect with new individuals and help them find a place to call home away from home. Here’s how you can make the college student “stranger” feel welcome.

Living with Crohn’s Disease as a Disability

Kristi Seaton, a Vestry member of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Kansas City, talks about her experience living with Crohn’s disease during Disability Pride Month.

July School Supply Drive Outreach

Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral has created an outreach to support students and teachers at Crittenton by donating school supplies.

Recording — June 2023 Fall Stewardship Campaign Webinar

One-hour video. Watch this recording of the June 2023 diocesan Stewardship Commission’s Year Round Stewardship webinar where they shared ways to engage your leaders and members, structuring your campaign to acknowledge that not all give in the same way, different ways of asking, and including gratitude and follow-up.

Remembering St. Marinos and Pride Month

Four-minute read. During Pride Month, the life of Saint Marinos provides much to reflect on. St. Marinos was a transgender man and a 6th-century monk. He was added to the Episcopal Liturgical Calendar in 2022.

The Doctrine of Discovery

The Rev. Bradley Hauff, the Indigenous Missioner for the Episcopal Church, comes to Kansas City to discuss the connection between Indigenous people, Christianity, and the Episcopal church.

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