The Doctrine of Discovery

The Rev. Bradley Hauff, the Indigenous Missioner for the Episcopal Church, comes to Kansas City to discuss the connection between Indigenous people, Christianity, and the Episcopal church.

Trinity Sunday

One-Minute read. Three different ways we experience the one God we worship.

The Season of Pentecost

One-Minute read. We are a universal community celebrating the “free gift of God to go and be a new thing in the world – a witness that all of life could be different for everybody …”

Episcopal Relief & Development on how mapping assets builds resilience

Five-minute read. Episcopal Relief & Development shares their first-hand experience on the importance of the Episcopal Asset Map and how the collaborative project between Episcopal Relief & Development and The Episcopal Church allows congregations to respond to disasters in the most under-resourced and unrepresented communities in the US. 

Are you up-to-date on your AED equipment?

Three-minute read. AEDs are an important piece of rescue equipment that can improve the survival of cardiac events. It’s important for you to review and maintain your AED equipment each year. Here’s what you need to know.

A way to pray: Proverbs

Three-Minute read. Few books offer more practical day-to-day guidance on the art of living than the Book of Proverbs.

Righteous Anger

Three-Minute read. Love is something we do. We educate ourselves. We refuse to demonize those who disagree with us. We try our best to make our words and actions a witness to the world.

Laundry Love: A thumbs up and a smile

Three-minute read. Jill Hodge reflects on the power of kindness and humanity in bringing people together through Good Shepherd’s Laundry Days.

Stock image of a Laundromat.

Call to Action – Guns in Churches Vote in Missouri House

Six-minute read. We need urgent action TODAY urging the Emerging Issues Committee of the Missouri House of Representatives to vote ‘DO NOT PASS’ on HB 485, which will force churches to allow concealed carry in church buildings unless signage is posted at every entrance banning guns.

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