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The Diocese of West Missouri Image Release

Image Release Poster available for churches

Photo and Video Release: by attending an event or worship service held by The Diocese of West Missouri or one of the member churches, you enter an area where photography, audio, and video recording may occur. By taking part, you consent to such recording media and its release, publication, exhibition, or reproduction to be used for news, webcasts, social media, or other promotional outlets of The Diocese of West Missouri, The Episcopal Church, and its affiliate organizations.

If you do not wish for yourself or any minors in your charge to appear in our photographs or videos, you must inform the event organizers or photographers before photography or videography commences.

Image / Video use license

The following license applies to any images used on our websites that are not identified as purchased stock images.

Unless otherwise stated, all images are licensed for non-exclusive use in any media by any officially recognized body of The Episcopal Church, or member of The Diocese of West Missouri for church or personal use only. All other organizations: for-profit, non-profit and private individuals; these images are supplied for consideration only, no reproduction without prior permission.

Submitted content

If you are sending us text, images or video to be shared with the people of West Missouri, please ensure you do not submit any content that you do not own the rights to use. If pictures were taken in a private area that the general public would not be expected to have access to, please ensure you have the permission of those present to take and submit their pictures.

By submitting content for us to use you agree to be responsible for any fees incurred, should there be any claims for payment for any licensed material you provide to us for inclusion on our websites, and we subsequently share the content via social media.


Unless otherwise stated the copyright of all content remains the property of the artist/author who originated the work.


Image release poster and text

Copies of the image release poster, ‘We Love Pictures’ image, and the Photo and Video release text can be found below.

Diocesan writing style guide

The full low-down on writing style for captions and articles to be published by the diocese.


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