News Update 01-20-2022

New Spirit Update, January 20, 2022

In this issue: The Presiding Bishop’s MLK day speech and be on guard for phishing emails. Plus: the hybrid church, a large stained glass window is looking for a new home, and more.

Church Connect Daily Drop-ins to cease Thursday, January 27, 2022

One-minute read. Our online Church Connect daily drop-in sessions will finish on January 27, 2022. As always, diocesan staff will be available to answer questions via email or telephone at any time during office hours 8:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Bishop Bruce – Phishing/spoofing attempts

One-minute read. Once again we are seeing an increase in phishing attempts, this time the criminals are pretending to be Bishop Bruce. Please note that none of the diocesan staff will contact you asking for funds or gift cards. Please be vigilant for emails and texts purporting to come from the bishop or any other clergy.

Stained glass window needs new home

Two-minute read. St. Mathew’s in Ozark is looking for a new home for a large stained glass window picturing the ascending Christ, ‘Come all, to me’ by Pepe Mendez.

Hybrid Church – A Way Forward for Church Leaders

Three-minute read. In Hybrid Church РA Way Forward for Church Leaders, the Rev. Tim Schenck explores the changes that the church has adopted during the pandemic and the effects of these changes. These technological innovations are viewed by some as temporary stopgaps (to be given up when all of this is over), by others as welcome improvements that should be kept.

Mindful Eating

One-Minute read. As I reach for something on the go or hurry through a meal, it’s worth a few moments to regard what I eat in relation to my spiritual walk.

A Way to Pray: Icons

Three-Minute read. Icons bring us into prayer – conversation with God -with our eyes wide open.

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