The Rev Alisa Carmichael

All Things … Episcopal: A Very Episcopate Conversation

In this episode … we hear from our very own bishop about the role and function of a bishop. Bishop Bruce discusses her call story to both the priesthood and episcopate, her deepest prayer for young people of the church, and more!

All Things … Episcopal: Maybe there is a Unicorn Church

In this episode … we hear from one member of the clergy and one member of the laity who are members of the LGBTQIA+ community.  We hear their stories; we learn a bit more on the journey toward inclusion the Episcopal Church is making, and we hear a real time learning moment that one of our podcaster’s experiences.

How to Welcome College Students into our Parishes

With fall just around the corner, students are gearing up to head to college. This gives parishes an opportunity to connect with new individuals and help them find a place to call home away from home. Here’s how you can make the college student “stranger” feel welcome.

All Things … Episcopal: The Church as a Spiritual Community and an Institution

Three-minute read. In this episode … we hear from Fr. David and Fr. Collin about koinonia, or communion, and the importance of participating in the church community. They addressed challenges within institutions, the benefits of having a church community, and their personal experiences within the church.

All Things … Episcopal: It’s not just pew aerobics, it’s personal and corporate piety

Three-minute read. In this episode … we talk about personal and corporate piety. Why we do the things we do. It is not just pew aerobics; it is reverence for God. However, in the Episcopal Church, not every parish will have the same exact piety in a worship service, nor will everyone have the same personal piety. Piety is less about doing the “right thing” and more about how to show reverence or respect to the Triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) and your growth in relationship with the Triune God.

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