Website Updates

Clerical Directory updated

One-minute read. The Clerical Directory has been updated. All entries are up to date as of 01-12-2023.

Website Updates

One-minute read. Details of some recent website updates to the diocesan administrative website.

Prayer Cycle & Lay Preacher Application Form Updates

One-minute read The Diocesan Prayer Cycle has been updated through to May 24, 2020 (Easter 7), and a new version of the Lay Preacher License Application Form has been uploaded to the diocesan website.

Bishop Marty's Visitation Schedule

One-minute read. An updated version of Bishop Marty’s visitation schedule through August 2020 is available on the diocesan website.

Diocesan Website Updates

one-minute read. Updated versions of the Clergy Directory and Clergy Available for Supply list are available on the diocesan website.

Latest Diocesan Prayer Cycle Published

One -minute read. The latest update to the diocesan prayer cycle covering Advent, Christmastide, and Epiphany has been published on the diocesan website.

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