Sep 01, 2018Contents — September 2018

Contents — September 2018

Spirit Volume 10, Issue 3.

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Editor’s Letter

Of Sorrow, Of Joy

10 minute read. Sorrow in how people, and men specifically treat the people around them, and Joy at the celebrations of church life that we hold throughout the year within the diocese. Read More 

Keeping Watch

Epic Tales and the Diocesan Convention

8 minute read. What is an epic story? What makes an epic story epic? And how does that link to the Diocesan Convention? Read More 


A New Curacy Program to Attract Younger Priests

10 minute read. In the next 3-5 years when one quarter of our seminary prepared priests will retire. The Diocese of West Missouri is actively seeking funding for a new Curacy Program to attract and retain younger clergy. Read More 

Courses for Licensed Evangelism and Christian Formation Roles

5 minute read. The Bishop Kemper School for Ministry has put together courses to prepare potential licensees in Evangelism and Christian Formation. Read More 

Clover House, providing space for healing and hope

5 minute read. Clover House is an oasis, providing healing and rest to young women sorely in need of a safe place to stay. Created by Saint Francis Community Services, the program provides restorative, residential care for female adolescent survivors of sex trafficking.  Read More 

General Convention in Pictures

10 minute read. There's been a lot of words written about the 2018 General Convention in Austin, Texas. Here are the pictures. Read More 

Five Tips for 'Gifts for Life'

5 minute read. Five personalized ways to support Gifts for Life and spread the word about the good work done by Episcopal Relief & Development. Why not create a ‘ripple effect’ of blessings? Read More 

The Sexual Immorality of Pornography

15 minute read. Pornography seems to have gained a certain amount of legitimacy and respectability. It's not unusual to hear someone (albeit jokingly) refer to their 'porn stash' or questionable online browsing history. The reality is that pornography can create ripples of pain and human suffering that spread out into the world. Read More 


New Regional Youth Ministry Coordinators

5 minute read. Meet our two new Regional Youth Coordinators, Krist Heuett and Meredith Seaton Read More 

Camp WEMO 2018

5 minute read. Here's a rundown on what happened at this year's Camp WEMO. Read More 

WEMO Youth at General Convention

5 minute read. Twenty-two youth and adults traveled to Austin, Texas when the diocesan youth attended this year's General Convention of The Episcopal Church. Read More 


5 minute read. WEMO Youth's MissionPalooza this year helped out at Wayside Waifs, Nourish KC, Operation Breakthrough, Habitat for Humanity Restore, Synergy, and Unleashed Pet Rescue. Read More 


NERM Day Out

1 minute read. NERM churches visit Warm Springs Ranch Read More 

September's Ordinations

5 minute read. Kim Taube and Warren Swenson were ordained into the priesthood on Saturday, September 15, 2018. Read More 

St. Augustine's Celebration of the Renewal of Ministry

5 minute read. St. Augustine's recently held a Celebration of the Renewal of Ministry. Read More 


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