Mar 30, 2020Can you and your church help the American Red Cross?

Can you and your church help the American Red Cross?

The Red Cross is doing everything they can to support an escalated need for blood, and blood drives are essential. There is an urgent need for healthy blood donors and an anticipated need for locations where blood drives can be held.

Additional venues may be needed for blood drives

Anticipating an additional need for blood and blood products, if needed, does your church have suitable space, and are you willing to open its doors for a blood drive?

Red Cross blood drives need adequate space to align with the executive order for maintaining physical distance. They take the temperature of donors as well as the Biomed team, and they employ additional cleaning precautions.

If your church is able to help by hosting a blood drive, please contact Fr. Bill Fasel:

The Rev. Dr. Bill Fasel serves on the board at Bishop Kempler School of Ministry, is Assistant to the Bishop for Leadership Development, in which role he serves as bishop’s liaison to the Commission on Ministry. He also serves as the Regional Ministry Developer and Priest-in-Charge of the member congregations for NERM, the North East Regional Ministry.

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