Sep 03, 2020Fall Area Confirmations

Fall Area Confirmations

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It’s going to be looking a bit different this year. How different? We are still working that out… Pictured: Area Confirmations at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, Raytown, Missouri (2019). Image credit: Donna Field

Since March, COVID-19 has put many things on hold, from Sunday visitations to meetings, our lives have been set on a different track than anyone could have anticipated. Although we’re still taking all the necessary precautions and keeping an eye on case numbers, we’re trying to resume some of our diocesan activities. One very important event we’re getting back on track with is confirmation.

we’ve arranged for four Area Confirmation services – one each month from now through December

We are aware there are many who were left waiting for the official service to recognize the time, thought and work put into confirmation preparation. To hopefully accommodate these individuals, we’ve arranged for four Area Confirmation services – one each month from now through December. All are scheduled for Saturdays, with a rehearsal at 1 p.m. and the service itself at 2 p.m.

Dates and locations are as follows:

Clergy — Please complete this form to let us know who is being confirmed, reaffirmed, or accepted. The deadlines for doing so are given below.

  • September 11 — for the September confirmations at St. Andrew’s, Kansas City.
  • October 9 — for the October confirmations at St. Philip’s, Joplin
  • November 9 — for the November confirmations at Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kansas City
  • November 27 — for the December confirmations at St. John’s, Springfield

You will need to provide the following information.

  • Home church name/city
  • Which service your candidate(s) will attend
  • Each candidate’s name (Full Christian name they were baptized with, as it should be printed in the bulletin), what they will be presented for, and if the candidate is still in school or post-high-school.

Update – September 4, 2020. The deadline originally posted was for the September confirmations only. We have added the deadlines for all the services. Apologies for any confusion and concern the omission of the other dates caused.

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